Bridging the data divide- Holistics analytics

Making the case for analytics as a program

With the proliferation of data sources there exists a growing divide between available data and actionable insights. This divide exists primarily due to the siloed way in which data analysis is done in most firms.  This prevents pooling of analytics capabilities and severely hampers the execution capability of the organization.

DataStraits provides a full range of management consulting and analytics outsourcing services that enable our clients to profit from their data assets.

The DataStraits EnterpriseONE framework addresses this gap by utilizing a strategic/program orientation as opposed to a tactical/ project orientation.

Our framework addresses all eight areas critical to create and run a world class data management organization that would act as stewards for monitoring and evolving the business model using actionable data.

eight areas

In addition to this framework our services are designed to be both off-the-shelf and customizable depending on the business problem being tackled.

Management consulting

Induction over deduction

Our management consulting services leverage years of industry expertise of our associates to deliver high impact solutions to boardrooms across the world.

We work collaboratively with clients to solve the most complex of problems.

Analytics outsourcing

Analyze This!

The single biggest issue facing senior executives in data intensive industries is that it is hard to justify the value of analytics. This is especially true when the economy and consumer markets face strong head winds.

Leveraging decades of experience, DataStraits consultants have designed services modules that improve the ROI of analytics projects and enable our clients to profit from their data assets.

DataStraits managed services is an on-demand deliverable that combines the benefits of world class analytics processes, hardware, software and human assets into a single packaged offering that clients can either outsource or in-source depending on their specific needs. This enables our clients to take a more strategic or program‐oriented approach instead of a tactical or project oriented approach towards analytics.