Visualize, Verbalize then Mathematize

Next generation of managed analytical services

One of the biggest issue facing senior executives in data intensive industries is that it’s hard to justify the value of analytics.

To understand and act on consumer behavior, these firms spend significant amount of money customizing their product offerings in order to make them relevant to their target markets but have little to show for in terms of results.

DataStraits aims to solve this issue through three distinct yet complimentary offerings –

  • DSI Insights – management consulting and advisory services
  • DSI Data – pre-built data collection and analytics technology modules and
  • DSI Direct – On-Demand customer driven marketing services portals

The DSI Insights and DSI Data services are executed under the DataStraits brand name and are targeted to corporate prospects looking to design & execute analytical applications.

The DSI Direct offering is designed for retail consumers under several brand names - focus predominantly on the loyalty management and interactive marketing areas. These portals can be either white labeled by our corporate clients or used in a pay for performance type of model